Louise Hinchliffe Interviews Café Aspen Ahead of their EP Release

I first came across Café Aspen after their Manager approached me asking me if they could play a Musicians Against Homeless Event I’ve organised in Chesterfield. As soon as I hit them up on itunes and Spotify and heard “Sign of The Times” it was a no brainer that I wanted them to be part of this!

I then met them in person whilst watching another Band performing at The Leadmill in Sheffield. From that very first meeting I knew this was a Band I really wanted to work with and help promote. Not only are they very passionate about supporting the MAH charity and showcasing their performance on stage, but the complete drive to succeed and the love of music just shines from within them.

The Bands line up is made up of Will Kitching (known to his friends fondly as “Kitch)- Vocals, George Carnell – Lead Guitar, Dennie Normanton – Rhythm Guitar, Nathan Hennessy- Bass Guitar, Kyle Holmes – Drums and let’s not forget another warm and friendly face Tom Smith – Band Manager and videographer.

Today I’m catching up with Will Kitching and Tom Smith in one of the hippest areas in Sheffield – Kellam Island at the Church – Temple of Fun. It was only right to be here as I think I’m talking to one of the hippest and coolest looking bands in Sheffield right now!

Will Kitching lead Vocalist with Café Aspen at The Church last night

Hi guys, thanks for meeting today, seems like you’re having agood year so far. Tramlines back in July playing two gigs over the weekend, Headlining Barnsley live, playing Musicians Against Homelessness – Chesterfield Rocks in Sept to name a few. Then an EP release party in October. I bet you’re buzzing.

Yeah, we’re really excited we are putting a huge show on in October to celebrate the Release of our new EP at Shakespeare’s (Sheffield). It’s the first official Headline that we have done all ourselves, we aren’t using any promoters, we really wanted to put our own spin on the event, organise all the sound engineers and lighting to make it a huge Café Aspen celebration of the EP.

It really will be the icing on the cake after such a whirlwind year. We’re absolutely thrilled to be playing at Musicians Against Homelessness – Chesterfield Rocks too. As a band this is a charity that we feel very passionate about and absolutely wanted to help and it was our dream to perform at one of these events. This will be the first event that our EP will be showcased and then in October, one huge party for the release. Our absolute dream would be for it to be a sell out show.    

So how would you describe your sound to people who haven’t yet been Café “Aspened’ “

The band have been described as a a new euphoric sound putting a dark edge on modern indie music, with spacey rifs and anthemic choruses.

Will from the band suddenly smiles like a Cheshire cat, a look I’ve now often seen when he talks about his passion for music. “ This EP is a really new sound we are trying, we as a band have always said that we don’t really fit into a genre. George is really into 70’s psychedelic so I guess you could say this is a mix between modern indie and psychedelic, it’s unique like us, some of the techniques you see we use when we perform live are unconventional to say the least yet really work. I put my heart and soul into every performance as the lead singer to the point when I come off stage I need ten minutes to myself as I get into a completely different zone when I am performing.

So …. tell me what it was like when you guys first came together, I remember being in the Leadmill and you telling me about how you came up with the Band name and bunking off Uni to buy a Guitar in a second-hand shop and writing a song. I think you need to tell our Songbird Platform readers the insight

The name Café Aspen came together one day when Will was in George’s bedsit in Barnsley. “ We were writing Affliction at the time and believe it or not, it suddenly just dawned on us that we didn’t have a band name.  George has got this weird obsession with trees. So here we are sat eating vegan curry that George’s other half had made and George is googling trees on his phone. He randomly picks out the Aspen tree and asked me what I thought. I’m not being funny but Aspen sounds like some wank Michelin star poncy restaurant in the Peaks. Next thing George said alright stick Café in front of it. Café Aspen. We’ve rolled with it since that point. I’m sure some people think there is more hidden meaning behind it but no. George just loves trees!    

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Tramlines. We have worked so hard to get to this and it was emotional. A festival in your own back yard. It’s every bands dream.

At this point Tom starts ribbing Will. “ Will, tell Lou what happened, you got a bit emotional didn’t you.” !?

Will’s grin comes back…. “ Ok, Ok I may have done a speech and I was hot and sweaty, they weren’t tears I promise… Ok they were! I just felt so honoured as it’s always been a dream to play at Tramlines and then to do an acoustic set the following day too. It was just up there for us as a band.”

I’m really looking forward to the release party, following on from that, where would you ideally like to perform? 

The Leadmill. One hundred per cent. Some of the biggest names in The Industry have played there. Oasis, Arctic Monkey’s…. To say we have played at The Leadmill would be a dream come true. 

Cafe Aspen have today released their debut EP. ‘Take’ containing the 3 tracks – Phantom, Afflictions and Fuel for The Addict. The EP takes you on a sonic journey, each song flowing into the next with a dark edgy sound. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneaky listen pre release and I’ve already visualised it being big. Can’t wait for the  music video being made for “Phantom”.

The Cafe Aspen release party for their debut EP ‘Take’ is going to be held on the 12th October – Shakespeare’s in Sheffield at 7.30pm

 https://cafeaspen.bigcartel.com. Tickets are priced at £5.00.

Regulars of The Songbird will be familiar with the name Café Aspen. We are big supporters of this band and have featured them on several of our special mentions #songbirdsaturdayshoutout #songbirdnewsounds #songbirdsupports and #songbirdsundaysessions and when they keep releasing new music as good as this, we will continue to do so!

In the meantime, have a listen to “Afflictions” from the new EP for yourself.

FACEBOOK – https://m.facebook.com/CafeAspenBand/

INSTAGRAM – https://instagram.com/cafeaspenband?igshid=y5e74f3htdjh

Café Aspen – TAKE EP
Out Now